Homework for the day

Homework for the day

PYP Exhibition:

Students need to create their life/story map- It will be a display of pictures- This map should describe them and important events and people in their life that have helped them become who they are–

Guiding points: full name, birth date, place you belong to or have lived at (write all if you have lived at several places), family tree, relationships/friendships, experiences (mistakes, tragic/sad moments, joys, lessons learnt), most cherished memories as a family, write about your family culture/traditions/rituals/beliefs/values, likes and dislikes, talk about role models or person you aspire to become like, your aspirations etc.

Language and UOI:

Upload the portfolio piece on Seesaw if not done yet.

Note: Work on the mega presentation. It is going to be conducted onĀ 21st February.

Happy Learning!!!

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