Homework of 19th February

Homework of 19th February


  1. Ask your parents to read and sign the exhibition contract given. Once done staple it in your PYP exhibition journal.
  2. Complete the life map, if pending and get it to school tomorrow, without fail.
  3. Read Chapter 6 of Holes, using the Comprehension strategy – ‘Determining importance’ and write the summary of the chapter in your Language notebook.
  4. Work on your Term 2 portfolio pieces.
  5. Prepare for the mega presentation. Keep the following in mind:Choose the appropriate form of expression.

    Prepare the speech, don’t forget to add important details like author’s name, the main character, etc.

    Practice speaking in front of the mirror at least twice to build confidence.

    As informed, be mindful of public speaking criteria as well.

  6. Upload your mega presentation PPT to the folder created by me, by clicking on the following link:



7. Upload your ‘My Teacher’ speech video to the folder created by me, by clicking on the following link:


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