LEAP-What if ?……. A Thinker Key

LEAP-What if ?……. A Thinker Key

‘What If?’ is another Thinker Key where one can virtually ask any What If questions. It generates loads of innovative ideas and is an excellent means of displaying ideas. It’s great for introducing an area of study and for tapping into the student’s knowledge base. This key really, opens up the mind to the possible outcomes.

I Do/ We Do

Topic – What if you took charge of things in a school for a while? How would you do things differently?

Teacher initiated the idea by giving her input and then the students took the discussion forward and gave amazing ideas. They were able to analyze the situation and use their thinking skills critically.

You do it alone

In the next session, students were given another situation ‘What if you took charge of all the TV channels for a day?’ It  was challenging for them, but they reflected very well.


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