Grade 5 Reciprocity

Grade 5 Reciprocity

[Highlight Of The Day]
  • Students completed reading The Tale of Despereaux till chapter 36.
  • Students learnt different types of triangles based on sides and angles.



  • Read chapter 37 from the reader.
  • Answer the following questions in the Google Doc that was shared with you earlier:
  1. Why did Miggery Sow bellowed the song – “I ain’t the Princess Pea, But someday I will be.”?
  2. Why were dreams called foolish? Give 2 such examples from the book. 
  3. What is the cook’s philosophy about mice? 
  4. What 4 shapes does the ‘dark’ take?


Watch the following video:

LD: Complete weekend home task of Week 13.

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