Highlights and homework – Day 1 – February 20th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – February 20th

UOI РLearners started preparing for the summative assessment task. The task is to create their own culture, keeping in mind the rituals, traditions and artefacts they would want to keep in their culture based on their beliefs and values. The tool used for assessment task is RAFT (Role, audience, format and topic/title). Learners completed filling up the RAFT sheet.

Math – Learners practised fractions (Simplifying fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, addition and subtractions of like and unlike fractions and word problems)

Language – Learners created a comic strip for chapter 10.


UOI: Research about the role you have chosen in the summative assessment task.


  1. Revise the FA worksheet in your FA notebook and get it signed by your parents.
  2. Complete the worksheet – a) Challenge b) Equivalent maze.

Language: Complete the comic strip if it is left out in the class. Ensure to submit tomorrow.

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