Homework of 20th February

Homework of 20th February

Homework : 

  1. Be ready to influence others to read the book chosen by you. (Be mindful of book review criteria)

Practice it twice in front of the mirror and evaluate yourself based on public speaking tips.

Upload your mega presentation PPT to the folder created by me, by clicking on the following link.  If you have a chart/poster instead of a PPT, click a picture of it and upload it to the folder. Remember to give ownership rights to me and commenting rights to yourself.


2. Upload your ‘My Teacher’ speech video to the folder created by me, by clicking on the following link:


3. Complete the Scavenger hunt worksheet.It will require you to explore the FS exhibition website ( https://pypex2017-18.weebly.com/ ). You need to involve your parents too in this exploration.

4. Upload your portfolio pieces for Term 2, if pending.



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