IH Homework

IH Homework

Dear Students,
As discussed in class today, you have to mark specific countries which fall under the different climatic zones on the world map provided to you. The different climatic conditions are mentioned below:
Polar – very cold and dry all year
Temperate – cold winters and mild summers
Arid – dry, hot all year
Tropical – hot and wet all year
Mediterranean – mild winters, dry hot summers
Mountains (tundra) very cold all year
You are free to mark whichever country you feel like. You may use different colours to mark the different regions. Once you have marked the countries, you are required to write a short paragraph for each country, justifying your choice. For this, you will need to do research on the countries which have these climates. You have to repeat this exercise on the Indian map as well.

Paste the map in your notebook such that both maps are visible. I will be taking your notes for correction tomorrow so I highly urge you to complete the task properly.

Also, as discussed, please locate Surat on Google Maps, write down the coordinates and express them in decimal points.
Looking forward to seeing your notes tomorrow.
Abizer Shaikhmahmud

Also watch the following video and make notes:

Solve the following worksheet as well. Make a copy of this document and post the same in the google classroom in your respective classes:



Abizer Shaikhmahmud

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