Highlights and Homework – 23/02/2018

Highlights and Homework – 23/02/2018

Dear Parents,

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students took up the Summative Assessment for the unit ‘Beliefs and Values’.


Students brainstormed and drafted a narrative on the topic ‘Child Labour’ with a partner.



Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook:

Mixed Bag Cycle 27


Students have to answer the following questions (based on Chapter 10 -Not Easily Frightened) in their Language E.E notebook:

A- Understanding the Text.

  • Why do you think Jeremy and Jemima were not frightened?
  • Infer what was going inside the twins mind when Joe the monster kidnapped them.

B- Looking at the language

  • What was the setting of this chapter? Describe using sensory details.
  •  Write the meaning of the word “ Fishy” and create a sentence of your own using it.
  •  List one personification from the chapter,

C-Exploring the characters.

  • Draw and describe Joe the monster using descriptive vocabulary. ( You may use EE reference book pg-2 for your reference.)

D- Taking it further.

  • Imagine that you got kidnapped by Joe, the monster! Write about your thoughts and feelings.( Use writing traits)

Pinky Shah


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