Hindi- Grade 9 Syllabus and Paper Style Term 2

Hindi- Grade 9 Syllabus and Paper Style Term 2

Dear parents and students,

The Final examination syllabus for Hindi is

Paper 1 Reading and Writing – 60 Marks Weightage- 60 %
Paper 2 Listening – 30 Marks Weightage- 30 %
IA Speaking – 30 Marks Weightage- 10 %

Curriculum For Paper 1

There will be 6 exercises
1. Question answer based on Comprehension – 8 Marks
2. Choose the correct option. – 9 Marks
3. note making – 9 Marks
4. Paraphrase- 10 Marks
5. A creative Writing- 8 Marks
6. A creative writing question – 16 Marks.

The formats for Creative writings are
Diary Writing
Letter Writing

Paper 2 will have 4 exercises of listening.
The dates for listening Assessment is
26th March for Epiphany and Eureka and
27th March for rest of the sections in their Hindi Slot.

IA- Speaking assessments

Dates- 26th Feb to 10th March in Hindi slots( schedule is shared in the Google Classroom.)

We have started revision in the class.
Revision is based on
– Past IGCSE papers
– Formats ( Text Types)
– Patwar book

Students can solve the exercises from their Patwar Text book and get them corrected by teachers.

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