Homework- 26th February

Homework- 26th February

~ Complete the cyclic reflection, use the checklist as a reference and make sure to add all the points. Refer the sequence and write the learning outcome of each session as discussed in the class.

  • Importance of Note-taking
  • PYP orientation (Prezi+senior’s visit)
  • How exhibition looks like (Videos+photos)
  • Golden circle – Understanding Why, what and how of Exhibition
  • Throw it all in the Mix
  • Attitudes (Looks like, sounds like and feels like)
  • LP – How will you embody each LP during exhibition
  • Website exploration
  • Creating life Map followed by play (Memories)

~ Revise the book Holes till chapter 23rd. Be ready for the formative assessment.

Note: Bring ear/head phones tomorrow and Lang SA, if not submitted.

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