Highlights and homework for 27th February 2018

Highlights and homework for 27th February 2018

[Highlight Of The Day]


  • Maths FA was taken.
  • Students progressed another step in pie-charts.


  • Reader ” The Tale Of  Despereaux” was concluded joyously.
At the curtain’s call,
it’s the last of all,
when the lights fade out,
and the rats all crawl.
Parody of Demons by Imagine Dragons.



  • Create pie charts for the data given below. Remember that each chart needs a title and a key.

1) a) This table shows the favorite colors of 40 students.


Colour Red Blue Green Other
No.of people 20 10 3 7

2) The table below shows the pets owned by 40 people.


Pet Cat Dog Hamster Fish
No.of people 8 14 4 14



  • Complete writing the summary of chapters 49 & 50 on the online doc of the reader.
  • The Graphic Organizer is shared with you on your mail ID. Please complete answering it in your EE notebook.


[Unit Of Inquiry]
  • Complete the step 4 and writing part (organize the data)of big 6 research tool.


  • Roll no. 3 and 19 will bring an article to discuss in front of the class in order to enhance their communication skills; presenting and speaking.

Research is creating new knowledge – Neil Armstrong

Keep Researching. 🙂

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