Homework for 28th Feb, 2018

Homework for 28th Feb, 2018

PYP Exhibition:

  • Create a Poster/Collage/Painting/Poem showcasing your ideas about India’s Culture. Best pieces of work will be selected for the final display on the day of Exhibition


  • Read the book ‘Holes’ till chapter 31 and answer the following questions in your Language notebook:-
    1. According to Sam, what could onions cure?
    2. Explain how Katherine became Kissin’ Kate Barlow.
    3. What is Zero’s real name and why is it significant?
    4. Who returned to Green Lake after twenty years? What had happened?
    5. When was the last time rain fell on Green Lake?
    6. Who else has turquoise-studded boots like Kate Barlow’s?
    7. Explain how Zero reacted to Mr.Pendanski telling him he was only good for digging holes.
    8. Where does Stanley hope Zero would take refuge?
    9. Why doesn’t Stanley fight back when Zigzag taunts him?

Have a great day!!! 🙂

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