LEAP-Consequence and Sequel

LEAP-Consequence and Sequel

Consequence and Sequel

Learning objective: Every key action has a consequence in different time ranges (immediate and long term). The consequence is a result and a sequel is a consequence in continuation and they can be positive or negative.

To begin with this tool in the class, the teacher elicited responses regarding their understanding of the word ‘consequence’ to which they responded that it is similar to punishment. The meaning of consequence was then explained to the students relating it with their life and reinforced that it does not mean negative effects only and it was also discussed that consequences can be immediate and long term as well.

After the explanation, she took one topic and discussed its consequences and sequel with the students and jotted the points on the board. This was followed by group activity where the students were divided into groups of four and they were given another topic to think critically and note down the immediate and long term consequences (negative or positive) on a journal sheet.

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