G 9 – International Mathematics – Core Syllabus – Final Term

G 9 – International Mathematics – Core Syllabus – Final Term

Dear Parents and students,

Please find below final term syllabus and some essential points related to Grade 9 – Core.


Unit Name Notes Excluded
Set Theory Venn diagrams with at most two sets Venn diagrams with three sets
Coordinate Geometry
  1. Gradient of perpendicular lines,
  2. Linear inequalities on the Cartesian Plane (shade unwanted region)
Linear Inequalities Solution of inequalities using a GDC
Laws of Indices Simple indices – multiplying and dividing
Sequences Linear Sequence, Simple Quadratic Sequence
  1. Cubic sequence,
  2. Simple geometric sequence
Trigonometry and bearings Core Syllabus followed
Similarity Calculation of lengths of similar figures, Core Syllabus followed
Circle Theorem Four theorems,  Core Syllabus followed
Mensuration Core Syllabus followed
Quadratic Equation Fully excluded


Apart from this, following Grade 8 topics will also be considered

  1. Recapitulation of number includes
    • Arithmetic
    • Approximations and estimations
    • Fractions, decimals and percentages
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Foreign exchange
    • Map scales
    • Percentages including applications such as Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit and Loss – Excluding Reverse Percentages
    • Checking answers
    • Speed, distance and time


  • Excluding Absolute Values and Surds


  1. Recapitulation of Algebra 1 includes
  • Negative numbers
  • Formulae and expressions
  • Substituting in expressions
  • Brackets and simplifying
  • Linear equations
  • Equations involving fractions
  • Problems solved by linear equations
  • Factorizing
  • Changing the subject of the formula
  • Excluded – Fractional indices

Apart from your textbook, all other work booklets or soft copies shared on google classroom or otherwise will be considered as a part of your syllabus.


There will be three papers in International Mathematics – Core exam :

  1. Paper 1 – 45 minutes – 40 marks – 20% weightage

Compulsory short response questions based on the syllabus mentioned.

Use of GDC is not permitted.

  1. Paper 3 – 1 hour 45 minutes – 96 marks – 60% weightage

Compulsory medium to extended response questions based on the syllabus mentioned.

Use of GDC is allowed in Paper 3.

  1. Paper 5 Р1 hour  Р24 marks Р20% weightage

One investigation question.

Use of GDC is allowed in Paper 5.

[Important notice]

  • All the instructions will be available on the cover page of the question booklet.
  • Entire paper is to be written in the space provided in question booklet. No additional graphs or supplementary is provided.
  • Formula list will be provided in the question paper for paper 1 and 3.
  • All the resources needs to be carried by you. Sharing of which will not be allowed.
  • Graphs will be provided to you in the paper itself.

In case of any query or concern, please feel free to approach any of the Grade- 9 Math educator.

Thanks and Regards,

Grade 9 Math team


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