Recap of the Day 6 – 08/03/18

Recap of the Day 6 – 08/03/18


Learners in a group made a presentation to present their understanding of the unit – Natural Resources as a Summative Assessment task..


Formative Assessment was conducted.


The 17th chapter – ‘Rick gets everyone into trouble’ of the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’  was read followed by an oral discussion where students were asked to justify the name of the chapter and support their answer with reason.


Answer the following questions in your Language notebook:

  1. Joe had a good idea of taking some of the lovely goodies back with them and everyone agreed. What goodies did they think of bringing with them and for whom?
  2. Why were Angry Pixie, Dame Washalot and Whatzisname yelling and climbed up the tree to give a scolding?
  3. Who got the terrible scolding and why? How did he save himself from the scolding?


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