Highlights of the week- 5th to 10th March

Highlights of the week- 5th to 10th March

Unit Of Inquiry:

  • Students visited few famous places in Surat and collected information.




  • Dictation was given.
  • Students enhanced their listening, reading and speaking skills by enacting the story ‘The Snowman’ followed by few activities related to the same.
  • Read aloud was conducted using  the cambridge readers
  • Reading from the book Captain Coconut and the case of missing bananas was done.


  • Descriptive Writing – Students described their school by following the steps of writing.


  • Learners constructed meaning of regrouping subtraction through different manipulatives and also solved the sums in the notebook.



Math :


Solve the following sums in your Math notebook:


1. H T O 2. H T O
8 2 9 6 5 7
+ 1 6 5 + 6 8


3. T O 4. T O
4 7 8 6
9 8

Solve the following word problem

 Ram went to the market with Rs. 83. He bought some candies worth Rs. 9. How much amount is  left with him now?



Ans: _________________________________________________________________.

The difference is odd or even: ________________________.


Grade 1

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