Seating Plan of teachers and coordinators for SS PTC- 23rd & 24th March 2018

Seating Plan of teachers and coordinators for SS PTC- 23rd & 24th March 2018

Dear Parents,
Senior School PTC is scheduled on 23rd and 24th March 2018.
Please review the seating arrangement plan for the teachers and coordinators during the PTC.
Please note that Pankti Chauhan- Art & Design, VA Teacher will be available in Hippodrome (Block-6, Ground floor) due to IBDP Final VA Exhibition.

Name Venue Subject Name Venue Venue
Pankti Chauhan Hippodrome Arts & Design / VA Heta Rana Room No: 211 Science
Bhumika Parmar Junior Library SS Vice Principal Amreen Khan Room No: 211 Science
Bhargavi Bergi Junior Library DP Coordinator Kesha Bookseller Room No: 211 Science
Krishna Shethji Junior Library MYP Coordinator Richa Juneja Room No: 211 Science
Devdatta Gupta Junior Library Math Apurva Shah Room No: 211 Science
Ankita Nandwani Junior Library Math Percy Elavia Room No: 212 Science
Kinjal Morkhia Junior Library Math Radha Pampana Room No: 212 Science
Ruchita Patel Junior Library Math Manisha Guha Room No: 212 Science
Urvi Shah Junior Library Math Juhi Pathak Room No: 212 Arts
Utsav Oza Junior Library Math Priyanka Brahmbhatt Room No: 212 Arts
Prachi Shah Junior Library Math Wilmot Choudhary Room No: 213 Language
Swati Bhutra Junior Library Math Juhi Malhotra Room No: 213 Language
Ritu Khanna Junior Library Carrier Counsellor Vidhi Shah Room No: 213 Language
Dhwanisha Majmudar Junior Library Carrier Counsellor Pinky Chawla Room No: 213 Language
Kavita Agarwal Junior Library Hindi Himakshi Nandwani Room No: 213 Language
Ranjana Tandon Junior Library Hindi Hina Hakim Room No: 214 Humanities
Sarika Agarwal Junior Library Hindi Anita Sibi Room No: 214 Humanities
Mayur Patel Pulse ITGS Jatin Makwana Room No: 214 Language
Shweta Gupte Pulse ITGS Kalpana Iyer Room No: 214 Language
Bhumit Kansara Pulse Computer Science Gopal Thakre Room No: 214 Language
Bhagyashree Soni Pulse Computer Science Abizer Shaikhmahmud Room No: 214 Humanities
Vidhi Tailor Pulse Science Chinki Chhapia Room No: 215 MYP Coordinator
Chetan Mehta Pulse Science Hasina Saifee Room No: 215 MYP Coordinator
Roshan Khan Pulse Science Jyoti Khandelwal Room No: 216 Math
Jay Kosambia Pulse Science Honey Jalan Room No: 216 Math
Rakhee Nahar Pulse Science Madhuri Chauhan Room No: 216 Math
Tabassum Ashraf Pulse Science Karan Chevli Room No: 216 Math
Vratik Upadhyay Pulse Science Shraddha Patel Room No: 216 Math
Francis James Pulse Science Akhil Gujarati Room No: 217 PHE
Abheek Chakraborty Pulse Science Senthil Balaji Room No: 217 PHE
Aman Kuba Pulse Science Nazim Pirani Room No: 217 Design
Mohini Bachani Senior Library English Language Krishna Soni Room No: 217 Design
Nayna Mashruwala Senior Library English Language Khushboo sheth Room No: 217 Design
Priyanka Kohli Senior Library English Language Sneha Pareek Room No: 218 Hindi
Subhalaxmi Iyer Senior Library English Language Sita Suwalka Room No: 218 Hindi
Vagisha Shrivastava Senior Library English Language Priti Pandey Room No: 218 Hindi
Nikita Jhaveri Senior Library English Language & Literature Rita Hasani Room No: 218 Hindi
Falguni Jariwala Senior Library CAS Coordinator Priyanka Sharma Room No: 218 Hindi
Bharatkumar Vashi Senior Library French Rozyleen Chaudhary Study Hall Humanities
Rim Baroudi Senior Library French Reshma Kachwala Study Hall Humanities
Ayman Shaikhmahmud Senior Library Business Management Kopal Agarwal Study Hall Humanities
Monica Agarwal Senior Library India Studies & Global Politics Anbu Packiaraj Study Hall Humanities
Sulabh Jain Senior Library Humanities Pooja More Study Hall Humanities
Ila Sinha Senior Library Humanities Malhar Trivedi Study Hall Humanities


Fountainhead School.

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