Highlights of the week-19th to 23rd March

Highlights of the week-19th to 23rd March

Unit Of Inquiry:

  • Students started with the individual research on different places of their choice.


  • Dictation was given.
  • Students enhanced their listening, reading and speaking skills by enacting the story ‘Going by Plane” followed by few activities related to the same.
  • Descriptive Writing – Students described  “A Beach” using senses by following the steps of writing.
  • FA was taken on poem comprehension.


  • Learners practiced regrouping of 2 digits and 3 digits subtraction through different manipulatives and solved the sums



Math :

Solve the given mixed bag worksheet.


Learners need to complete the following task in their Language notebook:

  1. Descriptive writing: Choose any object of your choice and describe it.
  2. Write the  ‘WH’-question and fill in the blank:
    1. __________ did he leave?
    2. __________ long will it take?
    3. __________ colour do you want?
    1.  Do as directed:
    1. They will ___________ videogame at home.(play/plays) Choose the correct verb.
    2. Rohan has a _____________________toy car. (Use an adjective of your choice)
    3. Sam did not ____________ his suitcase. (Write the opposite of the word ‘pack’)
    1. Read chapter 13- A wise counting, from the reading booklet.


    Grade 1 Team:)

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