Highlights of the day 23-03-18

Highlights of the day 23-03-18

Day 5


Through a discussion, students understood that people have their own defined Roles and Responsibilitiies in an organization and they are interdependent on each other. They join organizations for multiple reasons – raising their standard of living, technical skills, to establish self-identity, to make friends, to exercise leadership qualities, believe in group synergy or to support a common purpose.

While discussing they also made connections with their school.


Students understood the concept of rounding the off. They enjoyed watching this video link for better understanding.


Chapter 21 – ‘Some Peculiar Adventures’ of the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read followed by an oral discussion.

Portfolio work was done.


Complete the worksheets given to you.

Enjoy the links –



Enjoy the Weekend 🙂


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