Homework for 23rd March

Homework for 23rd March


Mixed Bag – 

Open the link and solve the following in your Mixed Bag Nb.

Cycle 30

Language –

a) Complete Revising, Editing and Publishing the final draft of the practice speech done in class today. Consider the feedback you have received from the teacher and your peers.

b) Brainstorm about the Idiom you want to choose for the literary event.

Math –

Solve the following word problems in your Math notebook:

1) A gardener digs a flower bed that is 8 meters long and a meter wide. What is the area of the flower bed?
2) Tom built a backyard pen for his new puppy. The length of the pen was 6 meters and the width was 4 meters. What is the area of the pen?
3) Draw 3 different rectangles with an area of 12 square cm. Calculate the perimeter of each.

UOI – 

Explore the videos and PPT  using the Blendspace link given below:


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