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Day: March 26, 2018

United World Games, Austria

United World Games, Austria

Dear Parents,

We are very pleased to inform you about United World Games- Klagenfurt, Austria for our school students.

The UNITED WORLD GAMES – more than just an average tournament

The United World Games are Europe’s finest youth sporting event. Pulsating tournaments, a great atmosphere and 100% fun – thousands of young athletes from all over the world gather in Klagenfurt, Austria, every year to celebrate their common passion about sports, make new friends and share unforgettable memories. Sport unites, even though skin color, origin and religion of our participants might differ. The UWG are an international festival of cultural exchange where all participants collectively commemorate and demonstrate the power of sports to build bridges over cultural barriers, while having the chance to discover the host city Klagenfurt, capital of Carinthia, Austria southernmost province.

The UWG are a big scale sporting event and offer many side events that guarantee fun and entertainment to all participants. The unique combination of awesome sport venues (such as the EURO 2008 arena) and the breathtaking location right next to the beautiful Lake Wörthersee pose with no doubt the perfect mix between sports and vacation.

The United World Games are taking place under the patronage of the UNESCO.

Details of the program have been summarized below, for your easy reference:   

Dates: 21st June to 24th June 2018

Venue: Klagenfurt, Austria

Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Athletics, and Football

Tournament info:


  • Basketball: Boys & Girls


Age Groups  & Cut off Date

U 19- 01.01.1999 and younger

U 16-01.01.2002 and younger

U 14-01.01.2004 and younger


  • Swimming: Boys and girls

Age Groups & Year of Birth

U 18-2000/2001

U 16-2002/2003

U 14-2004/2005

U 12-2006/2007

U 10-2008/2009

Depending on the age groups the following contests take place:

Backstroke 50m, 100m, 200m

Breaststroke 50m, 100m, 200m

Freestyle 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 8x50m, 4x100m

Butterfly 50m, 100m

Medley 200m, 4x100m



  • Athletics: Boys and girls

Age Groups Year of Birth

U 18 2001-2002

U 16 2003-2004

U 14 2005-2006

U 12 2007-2008

U 10 2009-2010

Depending on the age groups the following contests will take place:

Sprint 60m, 100m

Steeplechase 60m, 80m (f), 100m (m)

Time Runs 300m, 400m, 800m, 2000m

Relay 4x400m

Long Jump/ High Jump/ Vortex/ Javelin/ Shot Put

A supporting program consisting of an obstacle race and flying sprints will be offered for all participants.



  • Football:Boys

Age Groups & Cut off Date

U 15 Full pitch 01.01.2003 and younger

U 13 Full pitch 01.01.2005 and younger

U 11 Half pitch 01.01.2007 and younger



Age Groups & Cut off Date

U 15 Full pitch 01.01.2003 and younger

U 13 Half pitch 01.01.2005 and younger



Total Cost: 1,60,650/-



  1. We would require an advance payment of Rs.50,000 by 5th April 2018
  2. Remaining payment to be done within a week after visa approval.
  3. No cancellations and refunds shall be processed after visa approval.
  4. In case of any cancellations before applying for visas; only 50 percent of first installment shall be refunded.

Registration Closing Date – 5th April, 2018. (Form will be closed on this date)

  1. Eligibility – Students from Grade 4 to Grade 10  of Academic year 2017-18 are eligible to attend the program.

Cost includes:

  • Air ticket (Subject to change as per availability & cost)
  • Visa fees
  • Surat- Mumbai- Surat by train in 3 AC
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Field Trips
  • City Tour
  • Local Travel as per the schedule including Airport Transfers
  • fees

Accommodation: Accommodation will be arranged in 3 Star Hotels on Triple Sharing Basis

To know more details about the tournament, refer to the below given link.

In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at

Click if you are unable to see the form below


Events Team

Fountainhead School

Homework – 26th March

Homework – 26th March

As discussed in the class, complete all the pending mixed bag worksheets posted till date. We’ll collect it tomorrow for checking. If you have written on loose sheets, staple it in the book.

Complete the primary or secondary research work given by your mentor/teacher.

Make sure that your work is organized and shift all the documents like survey form/pictures/videos in the shared folder.

LEAP- Analogies

LEAP- Analogies

In this LEAP cycle learners learnt about Analogy and played a card game related to it.

An analogy is a literary device, a figurative term for drawing a comparison between two dissimilar things which may be alike in some respect to better explain one of them.

An analogy is different from a simile. A simile makes a short comparison between two things, whereas an analogy shows comparison how the characteristics or features of one thing are like another. It uses logical reasoning and can be used in logical arguments.


  1. Drawing a comparison between a heart and a pump.
  2. Drawing a comparison between a construction crew and a colony of ants.

In the card game both analogous pair were already given. Learners had to identify the relationship or aspect of similarity between the 1st pair and find the answer for the other analogous pair.


The Snake is to hiss as duck is to quack.

Keys are for piano as strings are for guitar.

The hammer is to tool as the doll is to toy.

Learners enjoyed drawing analogies and were fully engrossed in the activity throughout the session.