LEAP- Analogies

LEAP- Analogies

In this LEAP cycle learners learnt about Analogy and played a card game related to it.

An analogy is a literary device, a figurative term for drawing a comparison between two dissimilar things which may be alike in some respect to better explain one of them.

An analogy is different from a simile. A simile makes a short comparison between two things, whereas an analogy shows comparison how the characteristics or features of one thing are like another. It uses logical reasoning and can be used in logical arguments.


  1. Drawing a comparison between a heart and a pump.
  2. Drawing a comparison between a construction crew and a colony of ants.

In the card game both analogous pair were already given. Learners had to identify the relationship or aspect of similarity between the 1st pair and find the answer for the other analogous pair.


The Snake is to hiss as duck is to quack.

Keys are for piano as strings are for guitar.

The hammer is to tool as the doll is to toy.

Learners enjoyed drawing analogies and were fully engrossed in the activity throughout the session.


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