Recap of the Day 3 – 29/03/18

Recap of the Day 3 – 29/03/18


  • Learners were given chits with sentences written on them from the Chapter 24 from the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. They arranged the sentences in the proper sequence.
  • Chapter 25 – ‘Everything comes right’ of the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read.


 Learners were introduced to tessellations using Rangometry shapes.


  • Solve the following word problems.

a) Anaya, Aadi and Utsav have 36 markers altogether. If the markers are to be equally shared between them, how many markers will each person get?
b) A train can hold 900 passengers. If there are 15 coaches attached in the train, how many passengers will each coach hold?
c) Twara had 678 books in total. She donated them among 8 different orphanages. How many books did each orphanage receive?

  • Solve the following sums:

a) 631 ÷ 28         b) 179 x 42        c) 789 ÷ 3      d) 346 x 15

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