9th April’ 2018. Grade 4 .”Orientation session for Chrome Book “

9th April’ 2018. Grade 4 .”Orientation session for Chrome Book “

Dear Parent,

Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of our lives in a short while. Today most adults and students have access to multiple internet enabled devices at home or at their work places. Technology has also become an essential part of education here at Fountainhead School.

To be able to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to utilize technology effectively. Many students’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them ubiquitous access to information and resources, enabling them to pursue their interests in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, border-less, and instantaneous. The ability to use the information & resources meaningfully and effectively is the one skill that will be valued in their careers in the 21st century. Further, technology enables the school to potentially differentiate content to meet individual needs of the students.

We have started with a 1:1 computing device program Grade 5 onward from the last 3 academic years. Every student of Grade 5 and above is expected to purchase a Google Chromebook.

It is only natural that there are many doubts in your mind regarding the above, such as:

-Why Chromebooks?
-Will there be any usage agreements at home & school so that the devices are used effectively and not for the wrong reasons?
-What are the potential safety concerns?  and how we intend to address this?

These and many more questions would surely come to your mind. Hence in order to answer these and many more such questions kindly ensure that you attend this session. Don’t miss this interaction to address your queries and rest your concerns.

In order to understand and support the school’s initiative to have a Google Chromebook per child and the ways in which you can ensure the effective utilization of this resource, we request you to join us for an informative session on  Chrome-book in Grade-5  conducted by APYPC  Ms. Ritu. Chopra only for grade-4 parents on the below given day :

Date/Day: 9th April 2018/ Monday

Time: 9.00-10.30 am

Venue: Hippodrome

Hoping to see you all!

P.S:- Kindly share this message on the social media you are active on to ensure full attendance.

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