Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

“You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
Dr. Seuss.
                                                           Building the joy of aesthetic reading…
Dear Parent,
This year we will be introducing the summer reading program for all students of Early Years.  It is mandatory for students to borrow a specific number of books from the school library, for reading during their break.
On returning to school in the new academic year, there will be surprise picture quiz for them.


No of books to be borrowed per student

Bifurcation of the books

Books can be borrowed between

EY (Nur to Sr.Kg)

8 -Books

Board books / Level Readers

4th April to 19th April – 2018 [Cycle 32 & 33 ]

Kindly note that if the students lose/ misplace their book/books then the amount for the book will be deducted from the imprest account. (The current price of the book/books) Parents can also chose to replace the book (same title) and send it to the library.


Fountainhead School.

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