Homework – 2nd April

Homework – 2nd April

1) Write the cyclic refection in your PYP Exhibition notebook. Refer the following points and don’t forget to use the checklist to make sure that you have covered all the essential elements.

– Primary Research – Survey/Interview

– Secondary research – Extracting information from books, internet, magazines, etc.

– Synthesis- Organizing your thoughts and jotting down your understanding of each LOI.

– Formative assessment- Reflecting on your research and working on the feedback.

– Action plan – Choose-Act-Reflect. Putting efforts to bring a change in society.

2) See Saw- Upload the pieces of Term 2 as discussed in the class, if left. Today is the last day to upload it/finish your work.

3) Start working on your display work, begin with creating blueprint and Title.

Refer Take- a moment sheet and visible thinking tools link (mailed to you)

4) Complete the mixed bag homework, if not done yet. We’ll check it tomorrow in 1st slot.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uvMV_CU_7Br58UwG5WnYV-c72qsWIeqbqZYl_MFHLyI/edit?usp=sharing – Math mixed bag posted on 31st March

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