Highlights and Homework – 06/04/2018

Highlights and Homework – 06/04/2018

Dear Parents,

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students unpacked the central idea for the unit ‘Economic Activities’.


Dictation was given.



A. Students have to learn the words given for the spell bee literary event.

B. UOI: Students can study and do research on the supply chain of their parent’s or friends’ company/job products or services. Make a chart/ppt out of it to share it with the class.

C. Language:

Read the following poem and answer the questions in your language EE notebook:

The Troll

“Stay right away from the forest.’ they say;

“The troll will catch you for sure.

He lurks near the lake,

He skulls in the shrubs

And he hides in the hollows of trees.”

If he catches you, you will be sorry, ’they say;

“ Boys and girls are his favorite lunch,

He thinks toes are tasty

Hair is like honey

And nose just so nice to nibble.”

They say anything to keep children away

From my den deep in the woods

Where I eat luscious leaves,

Bright berries, sour seeds

And fresh fruits from the trificka tree.

I just can’t believe they think I eat kids,

Why would I want to do that?

I’d love to meet one

For a chinwag and chat-

A friend for a lonely old troll.

Stay right away from the forest,” they say;

“The troll’s so ugly you’d faint.

He is nothing like us-

Just leave him alone

Some things don’t deserve to be loud.”


A- Choose the correct answer

1- Where does the troll live?

A- far from the forest

B- near the forest

C- in the forest

D- in the lake


2- “They” believe that troll hides __________.

A- in the hollows of trees

B- on treetops

C- in the lake

D- in the park


3- ‘They’ say that troll is ____________.

A- young

B- ugly

C- lovable

D- friendly


4- What do you think ‘chinwag’ is

1- tasty toes

2- children’s noses

3- fresh fruit

4- a friend

B- Answer the questions

1- Why do ‘they’ warn children to stay away from the forest?

2- The word ‘lurk’ means to move in a way so as not to be seen. Which another word in the poem has a similar meaning?

3- What do you think ’they’ refers to in the poem?

4- How would you feel about what ‘they’ say about you if you were the troll? Why?

C- Fill in the missing information.

What ‘they’ say What the troll says
What the troll is nasty
What the troll eats children
What children should do Stay away from him


Adopted from Scholastic Step up comprehension skills.

Pinky Shah

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