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Day: April 10, 2018

Important Note regarding the Summative Assessment Task: Grade 3

Important Note regarding the Summative Assessment Task: Grade 3

Dear Parents,

Grade 3 students are learning about organizations under the TDT – How we organize ourselves.

As part of the summative assessment, the students have to interview their parents inquiring into their organization and share the information in the class.

We request all the parents to utilize this Saturday, 14th April to take their child to their respective organization and let them see how it functions.

The criteria of their assessment are:

  • Type of the organization – identifying whether it is an enterprise or endeavor
  • Purpose of the organization
  • Structure of the organization (flow chart or any graphic representation)
  • Functioning of the organization (Roles and responsibilities of the people who have joined the organization)
  • Problems faced during its functioning
  • Strategies incorporated to resolve these problems
  • Reasons why people have joined the organization (Students can interview employees to understand the different reasons behind their joining the organization)

The students have to prepare a chart, a scrapbook, a journal or any other creative way to present their findings. They have to include photographs as an evidence.

The students, whose parents do not own an organization, can either interview any of their relative or family friend who has organization of their own. We have even tried to pair up such students with their friends for your convenience (in case if you struggle to look for someone to interview). We request you to coordinate with their friends’ parents and fix a time for taking an interview.

Date of submission of the final work is 16th April, Monday.

Thanks and regards,

Grade 3 Team




~ Prepare your script, if not done yet. Practice it in front of mirror as well. Tomorrow we’ll start taking the assessment, make sure that you are thorough with the content and even while practicing, keep Public speaking criteria.

~ Create display for focussed LP,Attitudes and Skills, along with the description of how did you showcased it.

~ Evolve students – Check your mails for the see-saw updates. (Pending tasks)

Today’s H.W 10/04/2018

Today’s H.W 10/04/2018

Solve the  given sums:

  1. 900 – 45
  2. 575 + 149
  3. 586 – 200

Solve the given word problems :

  1. There were 127 pastries in the bakery, out of that 19 pastries were sold . How many total number of pastries are left in the bakery?                                                                         
  2. Misha went to buy craft papers. She gave 50 rupees to the shopkeeper but the cost of craft papers was Rs. 25. How much amount will she get back from the shopkeeper?
  3. Ravi had Rs. 366 with him. He wanted to buy a book from a book fair worth Rs 580. How much amount does he need to buy the book?

Draw the clock and show the time:

  1. Quarter to 6
  2. Half  past 7


Spell Bee !!!

Spell Bee !!!

Dear Parent,


We are organizing the last literary event for the year 2017-18 i.e. ‘Spell Bee’. The objective of this literary event is to help students improve their spelling, enhance their vocabulary, learn to spell quickly and accurately. It encourages students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits.


Details: A buzzer round will be conducted in which students will have to spell the maximum words orally within a minute.


Words will be taken from the dictation word list which students have attempted throughout the year and a few of words from the UOIs’ covered this year.

This event will be held on 17th April.