Note for Business Fair

Note for Business Fair

Dear Parent,

Grade 4 is currently pursuing the final unit of inquiry for the academic year 2017-18 under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘How we organize ourselves ’.The central idea is: ‘Economic activity relies on systems of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services’.

As part of the learning process, students are going to conduct a business fair on 16th April, Monday where they’ll sell/provide goods and services in order to understand the concept of demand, supply, exchange. They have taken a survey from students of Grade 3 and Grade 5 to analyze the demand of the goods/services they have shortlisted. Based on the demand, they will finalize the goods/services for their stall. So for the business fair the students will have to spend some money. They have been divided into groups and each student can invest a maximum Rs. 250 to purchase things for their stall. Parents are requested not to allow the students to spend more than that. They will share the details of goods/services that they have selected with you tomorrow.

Since students are hosting the fair for the first time, we’ll have a ‘Token System’ for them. Consumers/ buyers will purchase the token from an adult which they’ll use for buying goods/services that the students are offering. So the cash will be handled by an adult while the students will just have to retain the tokens. After the culmination of the business fair, students will get the money according to the tokens they have. This essentially means that the students might earn some profit and in that case, they will decide any one of the following options:

  • Keep the entire profit with them
  • Choose to donate the profit to a charitable institution
  • Choose to donate a part of the profit and keep the rest of it or vice versa  

It’s completely student’s choice.

Thanking you for your support!

P.S.: Students of Grade 4 may choose to buy/use goods/services from each other. Hence, they can bring maximum Rs.100 on the day of Business Fair for the same.

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