Highlights of the week 9/4/2018- 13/4/2018

Highlights of the week 9/4/2018- 13/4/2018


  • Picture Composition – Students described  “A beach” using 5 senses.


Revision of different concepts was done.



Q.1  Make as many words as you can from the word ‘Supernatural’.

Q.2 Write suitable questions for the statements given below:


Ans. I am going to the mall.


Ans. My name is Kavita.

Q.3 Frame a sentence using the words given below:

Young, family, group, together, school


1.Do as directed:

Today is Friday

What is the day tomorrow?_____
What was the day yesterday? _______
What was the day before yesterday?_____
What will be the day after tomorrow?___________

2. Write ordinal number names.
20th      b) 2nd c) 12th

3. Solve the word problems.( Don’t copy the question)

Ben had 8 pencils. He had 5 more than Sam. How many pencils did Sam have?

Riya had 70 chocolates, 45 were dark chocolates and the rest were milk chocolates. How many milk chocolates did Riya have?


Grade 1 team:)


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