Highlight and Homework – 17th April, 2018

Highlight and Homework – 17th April, 2018

Dear Parents,

Day 4

Winners of the first round of Spell Bee from Freedom: Rumit, Aagam, Sanchi, Kaya, Hiya, Arav

Next round on 19th April, 2018 along with the final round thereafter.




Students reflected on the business fair and jotted down their learnings on the reflection sheet with examples they encountered in the entire business fair activity process.

Students also pen down the end of unit reflection for the unit “Economic Activity” using the related concepts in their vocabulary.


Students will read a story from the summer book reading program and will share the summary verbally on the same in the class using writing for gist strategy.

Students will also think about the portfolio piece they wish to select for the PYP portfolio using see saw ans share the choice in class tomorrow.


Malvika Gandhi

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