Highlights and homework – Day 4 – April 17th

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – April 17th

UOI : Learners reflected on business fair through the questions stated as below:

1. Explain the relationship between demand and supply by giving an example of any of your goods or services.

2. What is the impact on the market ( or sales at your stall) if people sell similar products?

3. Explain the process of ‘Exchange’ by giving two examples.

4. Which good/service was most in demand? Why?

5. Which good/service was not much in demand? Why?

6. Which skills did you apply while conducting the Business Fair?

7. Two things that went really well and two areas of improvement.

8. What is your key learning from the Business Fair?

UOI : Complete the reflection (if pending)
Math : Write the tables from 2 to 20 one time in your Math notebook.
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