Parent- Visitor Pass

Parent- Visitor Pass

Dear Parent,

This post comes as a continuation to the Compulsory Bearer Card blogpost done on 29th January, 2018. We appreciate the parents for cooperating with us and being cautious about presenting the bearer card during their school visits.

A further update to this process is that, we will be issuing 2 parent RFID cards (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification) to each parent for the next academic session. Therefore, no bearer cards will be issued. The Parent RFID Card will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Picking up the student from the bus stop during the drop off route.
  2. Picking up the student, while he/she is returning from nature camp, field trips, etc.
  3. Picking up the student directly from school (any person coming to pick the student has to bring the Parent RFID Card)

In addition to the above points, it will be compulsory for the parents to present the RFID card whenever they visit school. This card will be registered in the school records in your child’s name and will be non-transferable. The parent RFID cards will be handed over along with the I-cards for the next academic session, during the PTC. Thereafter, any  parent / family member / driver, etc. visiting the school for any purpose will be required to present the parent RFID card at the main gate.

If any parent fails to present the RFID card, they will be issued a visitor pass by the security guard. (For this, the parents will have to wait for their turn to enter)

Also, kindly note that the current bearer card will cease to be valid at the end of this academic session.


     (1) Can I present my bearer card if I have forgotten the RFID Card?

  Ans: No, it will be mandatory to present the RFID card, at the main entry gate for all events including whole grade events like class performances, exhibitions. The current bearer card will cease to be valid at the end of this academic session.

     (2) Won’t this create a traffic jam outside the school gate?

  Ans: Parents should follow the guidelines mentioned below to make this process smooth and efficient:

  • Keep the Parent RFID Card ready to be presented to the security guard before reaching the school gate. Don’t stop at the school gate and search for the card.
  • Don’t honk while waiting for the car in front of you to pass. Note that honking is not allowed on the school premises
  • Cooperate with the security staff. Rude and uncivil behaviour towards people who are trying to do their job is not appreciated.

    (3) What if I lose my Parent RFID Card?

   Ans: We will be providing 2 Parent RFID cards. If both the cards are lost, a new card will be issued and Rs. 100 per card will be deducted from the child’s imprest account.

    (4) What if  my Parent RFID Card is stolen?

  Ans: Parent should immediately send an email to School will  discontinue the stolen card and issue a new one. Charges for the new card will be borne by the parent.

(5) Can I get more than 2 Parent RFID Cards?

Ans: Yes, but you will be charged for the extra card. Please fill this form, if you wish to purchase an extra Parent RFID Card.

(6) Do I have to pay every year for the Parent RFID Card?

Ans: No, the same Parent RFID Card can be used till your child is a Fountainhead student.

(7) While carpooling to school, is it fine if any one of the parent presents the Parent RFID Card?

Ans: No, each parent will have to present their respective Parent RFID Card.

For e.g:

  • If Parent A and Parent B are visiting the school in the same car, both the parents will have to present the Parent RFID Card
  • If Parent A has brought the Parent RFID Card and Parent B has forgotten the card, then Parent B will have to wait until the Visitor Pass is issued.

(8) Will my relatives/helpers be allowed to enter the school premises for any event on my Parent RFID Card?

Ans. Yes, but it will be the responsibility of the parent to bring their relative/helper. However, the school will not be responsible for any mishap related to relatives/helpers.

The following photographs will give a clarity of the process.

Student safety is our prime concern… Let’s make it possible!


Fountainhead School


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