IBDP FInal Exam Seating Plan and Important Instructions- May 2018

IBDP FInal Exam Seating Plan and Important Instructions- May 2018

Dear Students,

Please note that the final IBDP Exam is starting from 27th April 2018.

You are required to refer to the given sheet for your seating plan- IBDP- Final Exam Time Table & Seating Plan.


  • IBDP exam instructions presentation and posters are added to “Curricle” for your reference.
  • From 24th April 2018 subject teachers will be busy with their training so it won’t be possible for them to give you time. Please clear all your doubts before that.

Important Instruction for the exam:

  1. No transportation will be provided to the students during the exam time. Students will have to come by their own transport with parents or driver. It is mandatory for parents or driver to carry child’s bearer card.
  2. Students will have to reach the school before 30 minutes of the exam time.
  3. 5 minutes of reading time will be given before the exam starts so it is important that students are settled in examination hall 10 minutes before the exam starts.
  4. School uniform (no house T-shirts), school shoes and school identity card is mandatory during IBDP exams. In case if you don’t wear complete school uniform you will have to stay back after the exam and a task other than preparation of exam will be given.
  5. Pantry will be closed during exam days, so students will have to bring their tiffin box to eat in between the exams break when they have more than 1 exam in a day.
  6. Stationery box is not allowed in the exam hall. You need to carry necessary stationery items in exam hall which are authorized as per IB. Please refer to IB posters sent to you all through email and poster kept outside the exam venue.
  7. Please note that writing is allowed only in black or dark blue ballpoint pen only, highlighter pens are not allowed.Please carry a pencil for the MCQ papers.
  8. Transparent water bottles are only allowed.
  9. Students should not talk once they enter the exam hall and follow the instructions of the invigilator. Failing to do so is a breach of IB exam procedures. A complete examination will be video recorded.
  10. Checking of the student will be done before the exams start. Didi will check girls and bhaiya will check boys.
  11. GDC cover is not allowed. GDC should be updated with software and will be reset to exam mode every time before the exam where applicable. Carry an extra pair of batteries if required.
  12. Exchange of stationery items or GDC is strictly prohibited.
  13. Students will not be allowed to leave the examination room during the first hour or during the last 15 minutes of an examination. Consequently, students will not be allowed to leave the examination room if the duration of the examination is one hour and 15 minutes or less.
  14. If a candidate leaves the examination before the scheduled finishing time, the candidate will not be allowed to return.
  15. During the break time between two exams, students need to sit under supervision in Room no. 607, 6th block (Opp. Hippodrome).
  16. Students can only use their Chromebook or textbook or written notes during this time. Other gadgets such mobile phones, i pad, i pod, smartwatches will not be permitted and if brought it will be confiscated.

In case of any confusion please feel free to contact DP Coordinator or Vaibhavi Patel.



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