Departing note for Gr4 Parents 2017-18 24th April . “International Mindedness”

Departing note for Gr4 Parents 2017-18 24th April . “International Mindedness”

Dear parents, 

Accept my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my entire team ( Home room, P.E. Arts, ILT ) for all the support you have lent to us a part of IB  and F.S community to make this academic session rewarding. 

This summer break brings forth an opportunity to develop the international mindedness in students… ( not  promoting  summer camps ,program ,neither you need to take an international trip for it ) 

Sharing with you a post by an IB PYP teacher @ Serpil Kavak

Importantly the post  is relevant and authentic in our context and appropriate to the time.

As an IB parent community these are surely  doable actions you could take.

If  you accomplish, do post as comment on this blog.. OR the social media you are active on. putting the title  as IB PYP  Learner profile;  ”   ”  while sharing.  ( as we do on See saw, F.B and twitter) 


                                         LEARNER PROFILES


– You can make a visit to a library to borrow books that are about their interests and hobbies.

– You can make researches on the net about a subject that you together decide on to develop your chıld’s internet intellection .

– As being a good role model to your child, when there is a subject that you also don’t have an idea about, admit your lack of knowledge and offer to search the solutions together.


– You can encourage your child to think the different  solutions about any problems .

– You can make your child think on  different and real life issues

– While you are studying on an issue ,it would be beneficial to ask such kinds of questions to your child:

1- Do you have an idea about how to start?

2- How can we do that in a different way?

3- I have never thought in that way before. can you explain it more?

4- What other ways can be to solve that problem?


-It can be useful to encourage your child to read books that are about the school  subjects .

– You can make your child get the lowdown about a local or global subject that is interesting and  appropriate to his/her age

– You can ask about what they have learned in the school and make such conversations :

1- Why do you think this is important to know?

2- Do you think there are such kinds of things in the World?

Could it happen in the past?


– You can motivate your child to get in touch with other people in the World or some relatives or friends via writing letters,e- mails or telephones.

– You can encourage your child to communicate with different people around when you go out together.

– It plays an important place  in communication to be a good listener.While your child is telling you something, you can listen to him/her  very carefully and ask to do the same behaviour.


– You can eat different kinds of traditional ,cultural foods and play different games.

– You can present different global festivals,celebrations and traditions without criticism.

– You can tell with real examples from the environment that there can be different solution  ways to a problem so it is required to be an open-minded person.


– You can encourage your child to dare a distressing activity that you have decided before, then you can talk on the effects of the activity, how it makes feel to try a new thing or whether s/he loves it.

– You can set a friend that s/he doesn’t have time to play for a long time and make them play together.

– You can constitute unusual conditions (different breakfast menü, not watchıng tv for a week…) and ask him/her adopt this new situation.


– You can be a role model by displaying a caring behaviour. You can show that you care about other people all the time by using kind words,helping people for love…

– You can make real an activity for the environment and all creatures such as trough for the street animals,animal shelters, planting,environmental cleaning…

– You can make your child understand and empatise with disadvantageous groups and problems around by making researching a civil society together.After that, You can encourage him or her to donate this charıty organization by collecting own allowances.


– It would provide an opening  to encourage your child to write a diary after a while considering the past and turning to account.

– You can determine the strengths and weaknesses by evaluating the results of the school examinations. You can together  decide on the things s/he can do on his/her own.

– You can videotape any activities during  the learning process and then make your child evaluate the ups and downs on his/her own.


– You can discuss the food groups (carbohydrate,protein,vitamin etc.),bounce ideas off each other about the balance of the foods,meals in the meal time.

– It would be useful to see how you balance your daily different activities such as reading books , working, resting, watching tv,doing sports…

-You can encourage your child to different sorts of structured activities.


– You can make your child decide on his/her own life and make  a conversation about the results of these decisions.

– You can encourage your child to play in team games. You can discuss the qualities of a good player  and talk about what kinds of a team player s/he wants to play with.

-You can talk about the importance of  thanking and handshaking with the rivals as a well-mannered player in case of winning or losing a  game.


Surely you could use IPL as tool to talk to  them  about the above learner profile attribute.

Thank you.

Grade 4 Team 2017-18

Grade 4 TL 2017-18






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