Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that, grade 1 onwards students are bifurcated into different houses. Given below is the house-wise student list. Please note that uniform T-shirt as per the allotted house is mandatory. There is no change in the allocation till the the child remains in school.

The four houses at FS are:

Unity (Green) Dignity (White) Liberty (Orange) Integrity (Yellow)

Please refer to the list before buying new uniforms.


Student Name House
Aadik Jain Unity
Aadisth Jain Dignity
Aadit Patel Liberty
Aahaan Thakkar Integrity
Aaradhya Agarwal Unity
Aarav Gadia Unity
Aarav Mistry Dignity
Aarav Patel Liberty
Aarav Sharma Integrity
Adisesh Mundra Unity
Aksh Patel Dignity
Anaisha Jain Dignity
Ananya Banthia Liberty
Ananya Singhvi Integrity
Anay Shah Liberty
Annika Agarwal Unity
Ansh Kalathiya Integrity
Antra Parmar Dignity
Aria Patel Liberty
Arjun Lakhani Unity
Armaan Patel Dignity
Arnav Bhansali Liberty
Arth Koshiya Integrity
Arushi Mangukiya Integrity
Arva Patel Unity
Arya Koshiya Unity
Arya Patel Dignity
Atharv Patel Liberty
Atharv Patodia Integrity
Avvarnya Baid Unity
Bhavya Desai Dignity
Daivya Jain Dignity
Daivya Kothari Liberty
Daksh Mangukiya Liberty
Darsh Sheth Integrity
Deshna Chhalani Integrity
Dhairya Kansara Unity
Dhanush Patel Dignity
Dhiyaana Rathod Unity
Dhruv Agarwal Liberty
Dhyaan Kakadia Integrity
Divolka Jajoo Dignity
Divya Mangukiya Unity
Divyansh Chandak Dignity
Durva Patel Liberty
Garvit Jain Liberty
Geetaanshi Agrawal Integrity
Granth Gangwani Integrity
Harvy Detroja Unity
Hemish Patel Unity
Hidayat Nandwani Dignity
Hitanshi Khemka Liberty
Hridaay Agrawal Dignity
Hridhya Rathod Integrity
Ishika Patel Unity
Jaival Patel Liberty
Jessica Patel Dignity
Jiana Mehta Liberty
Jianna Marfatia Integrity
Jinansh Chheda Integrity
Jinay Jain Unity
Jinaya Surana Unity
Jiveek Jain Dignity
Jiyara Sutariya Dignity
Kabiir Saraf Liberty
Kabir Agarwal Integrity
Kahaan Kothari Unity
Kanika Patel Liberty
Karnam Shah Liberty
Kavya Parikh Integrity
Kayaan Choksi Integrity
Kelly Doshi Unity
Kiaara Narola Dignity
Kiara Shah Liberty
Kkaviya Agarwal Integrity
Krishi Puthawala Unity
Krishiv Huria Unity
Krishna Chimppa Dignity
Krishya Radadiya Dignity
Kriyansh Shah Liberty
Kyara Adwani Liberty
Lata Patel Integrity
Mahika Rathod Unity
Meera Pathak Dignity
Mehaan Desai Integrity
Mishthi Gupta Liberty
Mohammed Memon Unity
Mohit Choradia Dignity
Naksh Nangalia Liberty
Nandini Shah Integrity
Nandish Kapadia Integrity
Naomi Choksi Unity
Navisha Banthia Dignity
Navya Choksi Unity
Naysha Agarwal Liberty
Neev Kansal Dignity
Nirvan Kukadiya Liberty
Nitya Jariwala Integrity
Pahal Jalan Integrity
Panav Jariwala Unity
Paridhi Megotia Unity
Parv Rathod Dignity
Pavni Bulchandani Dignity
Pratit Kothari Liberty
Priyansh Periwal Integrity
Purva Kachiwala Liberty
Raashi Bhatt Integrity
Raavi Desai Unity
Rachit Baheti Unity
Rajveer Madhavani Dignity
Raviraaj Surana Liberty
Reet Madrasi Dignity
Reyansh Agarwal Liberty
Reyansh Chhapgar Integrity
Reyansh Patodia Unity
Riaan Dharia Dignity
Ridhaan Sekhani Liberty
Ridhansh Parmar Integrity
Ruth Dhamelia Unity
Saanwe Arora Dignity
Saisha Gambhir Liberty
Shahraan Virani Unity
Shaivee Savani Integrity
Shivang Jindal Dignity
Shlok Kapadia Liberty
Shlok Patel Integrity
Shravya Patel Unity
Siddhant Bachkaniwala Unity
Siya Gupta Dignity
Soham Mistry Dignity
Swayam Patel Liberty
Taksh Ahir Integrity
Tanishka Patel Liberty
Tanishq Goel Unity
Tanmay Kejriwal Dignity
Tansi Suthar Integrity
Tiana Thakkar Unity
Urja Shah Dignity
Vaaniya Gupta Liberty
Vansh Vasanka Liberty
Varenya Mehta Integrity
Varija Mehta Unity
Vasu Jain Integrity
Vedant Berlia Unity
Vedshree Gandhi Dignity
Veer Bhatia Dignity
Viana Desai Liberty
Viha Mehta Integrity
Vihaan Patel Liberty
Vihaan Thakkar Dignity
Vihana Goyal Unity
Vihana Kothari Dignity
Vihana Shah Liberty
Vishad Patel Integrity
Yashika Daswani Integrity
Yashvi Pagaria Unity
Yojit Bisani Unity
Yuvraj Thumar Dignity
Zysha Roy Dignity

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