Today’s Homework- (12th June 2018, Day 1)

Today’s Homework- (12th June 2018, Day 1)



Do as directed:
Task 1: Word Problems:
a. Jay had 978 books in his library. 346 of them were damaged and he had to discard them. How many books are left?

b.In a store, there are 106 dolls and 56 soft toys. How many toys does the store have?
Task 2: Write backward numbers: 890 to 865.

Task 3:  Write the number name and expanded form of the following numbers (Both the ways)

 a) 505



Task 4: Arrange the following numbers in ascending order.

              402, 756, 23, 364, 236

Students have to solve the given sums in their Math notebook.


Grade 2 Team

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