Highlights of the week!! (11th to 14th June 2018)

Highlights of the week!! (11th to 14th June 2018)

[Highlight Of The Week]
  • Classroom routines and procedures were discussed with the students.
  • The students and teachers collaboratively made the class mission statement.


  1. Read aloud of the book- The 7 Habits of happy kids by Sean Covey was conducted.
  2. Music and movement- Students enjoyed the energizer to the following tunes:




Revision of the concepts taught in Grade 1.


  1. Homework will be sent regularly, please ensure that your child does the HW and brings it to school on regular basis. Please use the folder to send the worksheets back to school.
  2. Kindly send 2 big napkins daily with your child.


  1. Students have to complete the given Language and Math mixed-bag worksheet.


Grade 2 Team


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