Home Visits

Home Visits

Dear Parents,

We as a school firmly believe that the school, students and parents are partners in nurturing the students and helping them progress and prosper in life.

We have various forums in our school to interact with parents such as PTM ( Parents teachers’ meeting) and PTC ( Parents teachers’ conference ) and various other events such as  student exhibitions, Annual Performances, Sports day etc. Through each of these forums, teachers make efforts to interact with  you, understand your goals and aspirations for your child, the relationship the child shares with the parents, siblings and other family members; the environment back at home, the kind of upbringing and exposure the child has, the schedule of the child etc.

What better way of getting first hand information on all the above mentioned aspects than visiting your homes and interacting with the family!

This will help teachers connect better with the students and their families and will help in developing the right approach for planning the way forward in guiding and mentoring the students.

Mentor (homeroom) teachers  of your ward will seek your appointment through a phone call for a mutually convenient time – before or after school, or on weekends. The teachers will be visiting your home for approximately 45 mins and it would be desirable if they could meet all the family members (all the members who stay in the house) and interact with them along with the student being there.

Parents are not expected to offer anything to the teachers. You may offer tea, coffee, lemonade, buttermilk etc. out of geniality.  

We believe that you will support the school in this endeavor in taking  a step forward towards knowing your child better and forging a way ahead towards his/her bright future.


Bhumika Parmar (Senior School Vice Principal)

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