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Day: June 19, 2018





Dear parents and little champions,

Stars of the day: Prisha Nangalia, Ishani Mevada, Bhomik Gotecha, Anush Patel, Krishaa Shah (for outstanding poetry recitation in a group) and Reyansh Shah (for showcasing enthusiasm during poetry recitation).



To be done in Math homework notebook.





Fatema Topiwala



International Mathematics : Homework

International Mathematics : Homework

Grade9 – G9 Eureka
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Jun 20 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Dear Students,
The questions are posted in Google Classroom, Kindly refer them.

Expected Time: 20 minutes

Highlights of the day 19-06-18

Highlights of the day 19-06-18

Day 5

  • Learners revised the concept of Data Handling.
  • Discussion on Research skills.



Write the expanded form of the following :

a) 246

b) 4456

c) 6258

d) 5485

e) 3079

Solve the following word problems.

  1. Saanvi has 6 boxes of pencils with 12 pencils in each box. How many pencils does Saanvi have altogether?
  2. Aaryam bought 15 packets of crayons from a stationary shop. He gave 6 packets of crayons to Shiv. How many packets of crayons he has now?

Important Note for Parents – Kindly send two clean napkins and a big water bottle every day with your child.

Happy Reading 🙂

Highlights of the day – 19/06/18

Highlights of the day – 19/06/18


  • Students practiced Addition and Multiplication sums.
  • Revision of number names was done.


Revision of Similes and Alliteration was done.

  • Revision of Approaches to Learning was done.



Write the number names of the following :

a) 7,246

b) 4,456

c) 6,258

d) 5,485

Solve the following sums.

a) 25 x 6

b) 39 x 9

c) 44 x 8

d) 27 x 4

e) 93 x 7


Homework for the day – 19th June 2018

Homework for the day – 19th June 2018

You might have observed two different dustbins kept outside your classroom so as to discard the garbage. Why do you think we need these? Why did the school management take this step? Why do we need to discard wet waste and dry waste separately? What happens to these waste products once discarded by us?

Research about it and collect data from different sources. Ensure that you are recording this data in a Google doc. Name it as ‘Your name_waste management’ and share it with your homeroom teacher.
Homework for June 19, 2018

Homework for June 19, 2018

Dear Students,

  • Solve/answer the following in your Math and Language notebooks.

Math Link:

Language Link:

  • Sign up (as learners) for Khan Academy and add me as your mentor.

See you all tomorrow!


-Aishwarya Jariwala




Students revisited the essential agreements, procedures and routines. They revised Maths summer homework and completed the learner profiles and attitudes activity.



Solve the following:

a) 429 x 98 =

b) 856/11=

c) Krisha wants to distribute 1 packet of pencils to the underprivileged children on her birthday. There are 230 such children. If 1 packet contains 10 pencils, how many pencils does she distribute?


Highlights and homework – 19th June 2018

Highlights and homework – 19th June 2018

Star of the day – Anshul Agarwal and Swara Patel

[Highlight Of The Day]

Students presented their understanding regarding the key concepts through role play,  poster, debate etc



Write 5 simile sentence describing the following:

Exampler: My uniform was a neat as an unused paper.

My first day was as ________________.

My teacher was _________________.

I was ______________________

My friend was ______________________.

My class room________________________.


Manjeetkaur Khalsa