Sr. KG: Important Note Regarding Rain Dance!

Sr. KG: Important Note Regarding Rain Dance!

Dear parents,

With the arrival of monsoon, one question that our students continuously ask is, “When will we have the rain dance?”

Yes, raindance is one of the many events that we all at Fountainhead eagerly await.

Therefore, kindly send the following things  with your child  in order to enjoy rain dance with their friends :

1 An extra pair of uniform/clothes(only if extra pair of uniform is unavailable)

2 Towel

3 Footwear/Crocs

Request you to properly label everything. All the sent items will be kept in the class till the rain dance is over.

Those who don’t have extra pair of uniform/clothes will not be allowed to participate in rain dance.

Kindly ensure that you send everything mentioned above by tomorrow.


Sr. KG Team

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