Highlights and Homework for June 26, 2018

Highlights and Homework for June 26, 2018



UOI : Learners’ prior knowledge about the exploration unit was checked. They observed a few images from the PPT and reflected through the tool See Think Wonder. The session was concluded with KWL about ‘Exploration, Discoveries and Opportunities”

Language: Learners attempted pre-assessment.



UOI: Find out the meaning of words – Exploration, Discoveries and Opportunities and write them on a piece of paper.


A. Watch the following video:

B. Write c for countable and u for uncountable nouns in the EE notebook.

time – 

 books – 
sugar – 
milk – 
pens – 
hair – 
chairs – 
meat – 
butter – 
pencils – 
bread – 
jam – 
friends – 
fingers – 
flour – 
apples – 
oil – 
cars – 
salt – 
houses – 
Cheese – 
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