Highlights and homework – Day 1 – June 29th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – June 29th

Language : Students were introduced to the strategy ‘Making Inference from the cover page and illustrations’ through the reader ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Dication was taken by the students and checked by the peer.

Math: Learners revised Indian number system till 10 lakhs and were introduced to crore and 10 crores. Further, they were informed about base 10 system.

Homework :

Math: Complete the mix-bag in Math HW notebook – Math Mix bag

Language: Complete the mix-bag in Language EE notebook – Language Mix Bag

Dication: Write incorrect dictation words 3 times in your Language EE notebook. You may also practice new words by writing them three times in your book.

Have a happy weekend!

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