Highlights of the week- 25th to 29th June 2018

Highlights of the week- 25th to 29th June 2018

[Highlight Of The Week] [Unit Of Inquiry]
  • Students prior knowledge about the new unit was checked through a learning engagement- ‘Mystery box.’
  • Students reflected their understanding of the term- ‘being healthy’. They wrote their understanding and later class discussion was done.
  • Students were tuned into the new unit with the read-aloud of the book  ‘What do I need’ by Bobbie Kalman. Here they were introduced to the 5 aspects of ‘Well-being’- Personal, Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual.


  1. Pre-assessment of Language was conducted.
  2. The revision of the Grade 1 concepts were done by playing online games, worksheets, showing videos, etc.
  3. Dictation was conducted.


  1. Pre-assessment of Math was conducted.
  2. The Grade 1 concepts were revised through board work, using manipulatives, solving worksheets, etc.
  3. Introduction of the number series 1000 was done using Place Value kit.


  1. Homework will be sent regularly, please ensure that your child does the HW and brings it to school on regular basis. Please use the folder to send the worksheets back to school.
  2. Kindly send 2 big napkins daily with your child.
  3. Kindly bookmark the link given below. It will help you access timetable, nucleus, blog etc. easily. For timetable, click on the link and then go to the PYP Timetable icon and then select your child’s section.


  1. Kindly send 1 extra pair of clothes (along with undergarments) and a towel in a labelled polythene bag. Make sure that you label all the belongings. The students may have rain dance on any of the coming days.


Complete the language and math worksheets.



Priyanka Chhabra

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