Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(25th-29th June)

Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(25th-29th June)

Circle Time-


Revision of the following rhymes:


1)Morning has come, night is away,

Rise with the sun and welcome the day

Good morning.


Subah hui, Raat dhali,

Uth jao sab, Din ka swagat kare.


2) Good morning dear Earth,

Good morning dear Sun.

Good morning to the stones,

And flowers every one.

Good morning dear animals,

And the birds in the tree.

Good morning to you,

And good morning to me…


3) Each like a petal of one great flower,

that closes at night and unfolds with the light.

Down is the earth,

Up is the sky,

Here are my friends and here am I.


4) Softly softly very softly,

It’s drizzling all around.

Loudly Loudly, very Loudly,

It’s pouring all around.


5 ) Aav re Varsad,

Ghebariyo Parsad.

Uni Uni rotli, ne karela nu shak.

Khavu hoy to kha,

Nai to mama na gher ja…


6) Dekho Dekho baarish aayi,

Saath andhera kaisa layi.

Baadal bola dhar dhar dhar,

Mendhak bola tar tar tar.

Pani barsa cham cham cham,

Chhata lekar nikle hum.

Pair fisal gaya gir gaye hum,

Niche chhata upar hum.





Phonological Awareness :

  • Rhyming words activity
  • Alliteration picnic basket


Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.


Cooking- Potato peeling and chopping


Handwork- Wood scraping


Art- Drawing vertical lines with oil pastels


  • Revision of tens and ones concept through ganit maala.
  • Writing numbers backwards from 20-1 in the notebook.
  • Pre Assessments were conducted.



  • Revision – letter sounds, letter formation, association of sounds with pictures and blending (CVC words)
j z w v x y qu
  • Writing a-z.
  • Pre Assessments were conducted.




Math: Writing numbers backwards from 20-1 in the notebook. (Kindly follow the same format which is done in the class)



Have a fantastic weekend !



Sr. KG Team

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