Highlights of the week & Homework

Highlights of the week & Homework

Circle Time

  • Structured drill using magical  words was conducted.
  • Recitation of poetry was done.  


  • Revision of sounds from a-z and digraphs ai, ay , a_e was done.
  • Framing sentences using sight words was done.
  • Listening comprehension and read aloud was conducted.


  • Introduction of number 100 was done using manipulatives.


  • The unit under the TDT ‘Where we are in place and time’ began with the gallery walk. Students visited the library for the same and saw different artefacts.



Frame one sentence each using following words:

1. were
2. because
3. love
4. every
5. four

Match the following digraph with the correct pair:
-sh                  chair
-er                   boat
-ch                  shy
-qu                  summer
-oa                   quick

Complete the sentence using the appropriate word:

a) The ______lady came to my school. (old/many)
b) We _______ are studying in grade one. (all/of)
c) I am not watching TV today ________its no screen day. (because/more)
d) Aaryav_______to tennis class everyday. (goes/cover)


Fill in the blanks.

What is the after number of 45  ____
What is the before number of 27  ____
1 ten = ______ones

Write backward counting from 30 to 1.

Write number names for the following numbers:
 40, 22, 13, 86, 63


Grade 1 team.

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