Highlights and homework – Day 3 – July 3rd

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – July 3rd

Math: Learners practised number names to 10 crores and made real-life connections.

Language: Learners were introduced to the comprehension strategy ‘Determining Importance.’  They read the article about an explorer ‘Columbus Christopher’ where teacher modelled the strategy.



A) Students have to write the number names of the following numbers according to the Indian place value stystem: a) 567845786           b) 127659340              c) 3200065

B) Find where do we use the number names in real life.

Language: In the language EE notebook, students have to complete the tasks as stated below –

A) Answer the following questions:

  1. Who was Christopher Columbus?
  2. What were his achievements?
  3. What difficulties did he face during his voyage?
  4. Find out the meaning of the following words and frame 1 sentence using it. – Voyage, geography, sailor, route, treasure, spices.

B) Complete LWE Week 1 Day 4 punctuation and parsing in the book. Discuss answer orally, conjugation and pairwork with your parents or siblings.

Important note: 

Send an extra pair of clothes and shoes with your child for their learning of exploration.

The child can also bring any resources that may help him/her to explore the different areas of the school.

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