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Make corrections for today’s dictation words 5 times.


Write a cheque to IKEA Furnishing Co. for the new furniture you purchased for Rupees. 980018392.

The Account no. 12345

Date: 4th July 2018


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Use the screen for only 20-30 minutes and conduct a research on Christopher Columbas and answer the following questions:

You may use your notes from today and the following links posted after the questions to help you answer the questions.

Questions- copy the questions in your notebook: (to be answered in UOI notebook)

  1. What was Christopher Columbas’ reason/s for exploration?
  2. What was the treasure in The Indies?
  3. Can exploration be conducted alone? Explain your answer.
  4. What challenges did he face during his explorations?
  5. Why did the king and queen help him for his other voyages?
  6. Did his exploration have any impact on others or himself? Explain.


Links for reference: https://www.ducksters.com/biography/explorers/christopher_columbus.php

Christopher Columbus









Important note: 

Ask your child to make corrections for the last dictation words in case he/she has missed.

Send an extra pair of clothes and shoes with your child for their learning engagement of exploration.

Your child is free to bring any resources that may help him/her to explore the different areas of the school.

The language and math homework will not take more than 5 minutes. Ask your child to research well for their UOI homework.


Star of the day: Tatsat Mashruwala (for confidently answering during math class!)


Quote of the day:

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