Homework for Ruminate – 03/07/2018

Homework for Ruminate – 03/07/2018


  • Watch your presentation from the video taken on your CB today during class and assess yourself.
  • Go through the teacher and peer feedback sheets and rehearse your speech keeping in mind the comments given.
  • You will be presenting the same speech in class tomorrow i.e., on Wednesday – 4/07/18.
  1. You need to read the link and on the basis of your reading, take notes in your Lang+UOI notebook(To be submitted till Thursday)

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D3nJoKDwq0FRkys0J__TfNyR5FYW4ICjlx1nRrTSfvY/edit#heading=h.mamad9qih2d3

a)Origin and History of Republic Day of India


  • Find the answer to the following questions and write it in your UOI+Lang (H.W) notebook:
  1.  When do we celebrate Independence Day?
  2. When did the Indian Constitution come into force?
  3. Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution of India?
  4. Who is the current President of India?
  5. Who is the current Prime Minister of India?
  6. Who is the Vice President of India?
  7. Who was the first Prime Minister of India after freedom?
  8. Who was the first President of India after freedom?
  9. How many states are there in India?
  10. How many Union Territories are there in India?
  11. Who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat?
  12. Who is the Governor of Gujarat?
  13. Who is Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat?
  14. Where is the Gujarat High court located?
  15. How many articles are there in the Constitution?
  16. What kind of person makes a good judge? What would you look for in a person before appointing him or her as a judge?
  17. Who do you think appoints the Judges of Supreme Court?

Prepare your dialogues and speech for the upcoming act. 

Happy learning

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