Highlights of Cycle 3

Highlights of Cycle 3

Cycle 3 began with the students exploring and experiencing different forms of government through a grade wide role play, done by the teachers. A discussion to consolidate their understanding was taken soon after the learning engagement.

Having understood that there exists a lot of different forms of government across the world, students were familiarised with the form of government that exists in our country. Beginning with the structure, learners were led to understand the different roles as well as the functioning of our government. Facts and information related to the Indian government were also shared with the students. This was done with a motive to enlighten the students with some general knowledge about our country. Several articles from diverse child friendly books were discussed with the students with an objective to further clarify their understanding of the subject. Various handouts were also shared with them for future reference.

Public speaking traits were revised and practiced alongside which helped the students build upon their public speaking skills.

There couldn’t have been a better end to the cycle wherein the students creatively presented their understanding of the new food policy through various acts. This presentation will be continued on Monday. Based on the pre-assessments, we are now ready to revise Math concepts in the coming cycle, Cycle 4.


Grade 6 team.

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